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Every human body is unique, and that goes for the eyes as well. Just as you might have trouble wearing a suit of clothes bought “off the rack,” you might need some special consideration and customization when it comes to choosing contact lenses. Fortunately, a variety of specialized contact lenses are available — and you can get from our optometrist in Dallas TX at Plaza Vision Center.

Why Some People Need Specialty Contact Lenses

For some people, contact lens selection is as simple as buying a pair of “generic” soft contacts made to their corrective prescription. This is most typically the case for people who have uncomplicated or mild corrective needs, along with no underlying health issues.

Unfortunately, many of us have complicating factors that place limits on what kinds of contacts will do us the most good. If you have giant papillary conjunctivitis, for instance, your eyes are especially sensitive to protein debris accumulation, a common problem with soft contacts. If you have presbyopia (near focus loss that comes with age) or a strong refractive error, you need lenses capable of providing that extra degree of correction. Keratoconus sufferers have misshapen corneas that ordinary contacts can’t fix, while astigmatism patients require contacts that won’t shift position on the eye. Dry eye sufferers often find that their condition gets worse when they wear ordinary contact lenses.

A Wide Range of Hard to Fit Contacts

You may already know that you can’t wear standard soft contacts, or our eye doctor may inform you of it in the course of a contact lens exam at our eye care center. But that’s no reason to assume that contact lenses aren’t for you. Our eye care center can offer a wide range of hard to fit contacts, including:

  • GP lenses – GP lenses are made of a rigid material that can correct even the strongest refractive errors. They can also include multiple distance fields for presbyopia sufferers.
  • Specialized soft contacts – Soft contacts can sometimes be customized to suit specific vision needs. You can also get RPG lenses with soft rims (hybrid lenses).
  • Lenses for astigmatism – Toric contacts are frequently recommended for astigmatism. These specially-designed lenses are less likely to move around, permitting more precise correction.
  • Scleral lenses – Scleral lenses vault over the cornea to correct keratoconus while also offering a fluid reservoir for dry eyes.
  • Corneal reshaping (orthokeratology) – Orthokeratology lenses can reshape corneas during sleep so you can enjoy clear daytime vision.

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