Pink Eye Treatment At Plaza Vision Center

Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is an extremely contagious condition that can afflict anyone. If you believe you are suffering from pink eye, it is best to contact Plaza Vision Center in Dallas to make an appointment with our optometrist so appropriate treatment is given to clear up this problem. Here is some information about pink eye and how our eye doctor can help if you are indeed inflicted with this condition.

What Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) Is

Pink eye is a condition that causes inflammation to the covering of the white of the eye, called the “conjunctiva.” It will also affect the inside of your eyelids. The conjunctiva is transparent, however, it has blood vessels within that will dilate if inflammation settles into the eye. Pink eye is usually a viral condition that is caused by one of many different types of viruses. If you come into contact with one of these viruses, pink eye could be the result.

How Pink Eye Is Contracted

Pink eye is spread from person to person or by touching a contaminated surface and then touching your eye. It is usually prominent in schools or places where people are within close proximity to each other. It is extremely important to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching the area around your eyes to keep this condition from causing havoc.

Symptoms Associated With Pink Eye

If you have pink eye, your eyes will appear reddish in color. You may find it difficult to open your eyes upon awakening as a crusty buildup of mucus will settle around your lashes, fusing your eyes shut. This mucus can be removed using a warm compress. During your waking hours, you may have a discharge from your eyes as well. This is usually yellowing or greenish in color. Extreme itchiness of the eyes is a telltale symptom of pinkeye. You may also suffer from light sensitivity. Dim your lights and keep your shades down as you recuperate from this condition to help minimize discomfort.

Treatment For Conjunctivitis

It is best to see an eyecare professional to get assistance in treating pink eye as needed. Our optometry team will assess your eyes and provide you with recommendations to relieve symptoms as you wait for the condition to clear. Prescription medication will help to stop the spread of symptoms and clear up the condition as necessary.

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