Plaza Vision Center: Eye Care for all of Dallas

If searching for an eye doctor, Dallas’s own Plaza Vision Center provides comprehensive eye care services. We certainly provide routine eye care services for the whole family—no patient is too young or too old.

Dr. Newman specializes in the management of keratoconus, a debilitating corneal disease. He also is a recognized expert in the contact lens vision rehabilitation of patients who have had corneal transplants and failed refractive surgery. Dr. Newman is among the most qualified eye doctors in Dallas as Optometric Glaucoma Specialists who diagnose and treat glaucoma, a disease that slowly robs you of your vision without you knowing it.

Top Eye Doctors – Dallas

Plaza Vision Center has a full service fashion optical. With an in-office inventory of hundreds of quality frames in every style and price range—including sunglasses, Plaza Vision Center is the place to go for all of your eye glasses needs. In the very near future, Plaza Vision Center will offer an on-line optical with thousands of frames at your disposal so you can shop in your pajamas! Dallas residents prefer us because we make our customer experience a convenient one.

Dr. Newman is a well-known expert in contact lens prescribing. He specializes in hard-to-fit patients. He consults about eye care with other Dallas area optometrists and ophthalmologists on a nearly daily basis. Colleagues recognize Dr. Newman as an expert in prescribing soft and rigid lenses, lenses that correct astigmatism, and bifocal lenses. He is one of the first experts in prescribing scleral lenses in North Texas.

What Distinguishes Us from Other Eye Doctors in Dallas?

The range of work we can do in our office allows us to provide the best eye care Dallas has to offer. Dr. Newman also offers expert consultation in refractive surgery. Whether you desire to have LASIK, PRK, or bifocal intra-ocular lenses (IOL’s), the doctors and staff will provide the very best in pre-operative consultation and post-operative care. Dr. Newman assists in every refractive surgery performed on patients of Plaza Vision Center. Choose one of the best eye doctors in Dallas. By doing so, there will be one pair of expert eyes who sees you from beginning to end. That happens in very few practices.

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